A Crochet Solution to Peeling Headphones

28 Sep

I picked up these headphones from a yard sale, and they work really well, except after a couple weeks I noticed this black crap from the “leather” on the earpieces all over the place. I like to fall asleep with headphones on, and it was all over my bed, the floor, and on me. It was really bad around the earpieces, so I just went at it and peeled it all off.

Peeled Off

Peeled Off

I used some pretty strong alcohol wipes to clean them off after I bought them, so that may have helped the peeling, but seems like they already peel from age, after coming across this fellow crocheter who ran into the same problem. I knew I wanted to make crochet covers for the earpieces, I just needed a pattern!

"Peruvian Print" is the color

"Peruvian Print" is the color

Once I found the pattern, I checked my yarn stash, and found this worsted weight yarn and an F hook.

The pattern worked up nice and quickly. Fortunately, I had to get my oil changed yesterday, and my tires patched today, so while waiting for both of those thingsI finished a crochet project in record time for myself!

After finishing the pattern I found, I tried fitting them on my headphones, they were a little small. I added another expanding round by doing 2 Double Crochet in one stitch, and 1 DC in the next. For the next round, I did a Half Double Crochet in each stitch all the way around. Then to make it fit snugly, the last round was a decreasing one, with Single Crochet all the way around, two consecutive stitches and then one skipped.

Here they are all done!

Here they are all done!

And they fit perfectly!

And they fit perfectly!


Now they are so cozy on my ears, and will keep them just a little bit warmer-Winter is coming soon! Maybe I will crochet all the way up the headband….I’ve seen it done before!

Rocking out to some Polyphonic Spree 🙂


3 Responses to “A Crochet Solution to Peeling Headphones”

  1. Bonnie Banana September 29, 2010 at 8:11 AM #

    You are so darn crafty!! I love it!! Those are some cute headphones, and as I have never managed to crochet more than a small line of yarn, super impressive! I look forward to learning more crafty projects from you! I am definitely bookmarking this page and telling all my friends about it 🙂 Love, your new biggest fan. CBGB.

    • Courtleigh September 29, 2010 at 12:11 PM #

      THANK YOU!!! That is the BEST first comment ever 🙂 I love you! Well I know that you can knit, so one of these days we will have a crochet/knitting session again. I look forward to posting more and more crafts as I get working on them. I will blog about your birthday present once it’s been sent to you!!!!!


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    […] used up the rest of the yarn from my other project, covering an old pair of headphones to make these mittens. I used a free pattern from Sue’s Crochet and Knitting site. They […]

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