Fast and Free Craft!

16 Oct

I made a little banner to hang on my wall, which was super quick to make, and virtually cost-free!


I got the idea from this amazing site,  Learning To Love You More, that has a bunch of awesome little projects, called “Assignments”. It seems like the site isn’t maintained anymore, but there are still lots of good ideas!


I have been collecting paint samples from Home Depot for craft projects. They are amazing- so many colors, and they are free! And no one asks you questions when you take just about one of every color.

Paint Samples

Colorful Freebies

As you can see I was not shy about taking tons of them!

Another freebie, I borrowed these foam letters from my classroom at work (Thanks Lynette! 🙂 )

Foam Letters

I traced the letters on the back of the card, and then used scissors to cut them out! My craft knife was not that good at curves, and although my scissor work isn’t perfect, once it’s up on the wall it will be hard to tell.


I trimmed off about half an inch from the top of the paint samples so they were plain with out the color names. Then glued on the letters once they were cut out! All done!


Well almost…I am still not sure how I would like to display it. I may string them together, or put them together in a frame, or just hang them individually. Once I do, I will post a photo! Try making one yourself to keep yourself inspired, it only takes a few minutes!



One Response to “Fast and Free Craft!”

  1. Bonnie Banana October 17, 2010 at 12:00 AM #

    Totally doing this in my room 🙂 I will probably say something like “CBGB”!

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