Easy! Pumpkin Nutella Bread

16 Nov

I hate baking, it is too strict. You cannot mess up a thing, or it will not turn out correctly. I love cooking, to me it is much more inspiring, and hard to mess up. But I wanted to make some pumpkin cookies with nutella icing for a friend. This year and last year, I bought pie pumpkins, went through all the trouble of getting all the stringy goo out, separating the seeds to roast them, cutting and peeling and pureeing the pumpkin, and both times it was a wasted effort. Last year, I tried to make cookies, but they ended up with muffin consistency. They tasted good, but were really really super soft cookies. This is why I hate baking. I cannot figure out what ratios to use; if I have some pureed pumpkin, I don’t have a clue how much other stuff to add. So this year, I tried it again. When I pureed the pumpkin, I ended up adding too much water. So that resulted in an applesauce consistency. Gross.

So I decided to make bread, and I did find a recipe for Pumpkin Nutella bread, but like every baking recipe has a whole list of ingredients that I hate buying, such as flour, baking soda, and other usual items for baking that I’ll never use again. (It is a charming post however, and if you do like to bake, check it out).  Anyway I found this!

Pumpkin Bread Kit

And it was only three bucks. Even though I hate baking, I don’t normally like using kits, but I figured since it was All Natural I should try it.  Well it was amazingly easy! You mix up some eggs, oil, and water, and then dump in the bag of dry ingredients from the box, and whisk away! Pour it in a bread pan, and then you’re almost there…


Plop in some Nutella!

Nutella Plop

I tried to make swirly designs with a knife, which ended up not even showing up, since the top just became all-over brown, but it’s good to mix in the nutella a little bit so it’s not all on top, and won’t burn.

Nutella Swirls


Finished Bread



It came out perfectly, and I didn’t even follow the high altitude directions! It was deliciously moist, and the Nutella was still gooey.  Something easy to make for a holiday par-tay!


2 Responses to “Easy! Pumpkin Nutella Bread”

  1. Charlotte November 16, 2010 at 7:42 AM #

    Was the Nutella included in the recipe or was that an idea you came up with? I am looking for more ideas of what I can do with nutella, other than just straight-up devour it out of the jar!

    • Courtleigh November 16, 2010 at 10:20 AM #

      Well I came up with the combination, but had to find a recipe. I don’t know how to just throw things together in baking. But I ended up finding a recipe, which I linked up above.

      However, my original plan, was to make pumpkin cookies with nutella icing. You can make an easy icing, by whipping together powdered sugar, some soymilk, and nutella. It’s pretty simple, and you can play with the amounts of sugar or milk depending on how thick you like it. This will come out like a sweet glaze rather than a cake frosting consistency.

      Another Nutella idea, it’s great on bananas, or on PB&Nutella Banana sandwiches. Another fun thing (in the summer) is to make frozen banana ice cream! Peel some bananas, freeze them, and then break them up and put them in the blender! You may have to add a few drops of soymilk to get it moving, but not too much. It will become this amazing “frozen yogurt”. And I like to swirl in peanut butter or nutella.

      Let me know what you come up with if you make something! 🙂

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