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DIY No Slip Yoga Towel – No more sweaty hands!

27 Jun

I finally was able to do a stable, strong Downward Dog today! I am really excited about my No Slip Yoga Towel that I made. I’ve always had trouble in poses such as Downward Dog because I have a terrible condition – overly sweaty hands. I know that some yoga teachers may say that it’s all part of the the pose- finding your balance even though you are slipping and remaining calm. I however really have a hard time, and know that I could improve even more if I had a stable base to begin with. I’ve tried placing my hands outside the mat on the carpet, but that doesn’t always work. And a plain towel still slips. I’ve always been interested in getting a non slip yoga towel, however those are at least $60 or more, just for a towel! And I knew I could make one myself.

I wasn’t able to find a microfiber cloth fabric at the fabric store, but I did happen to find some stretch terry at Jo-Ann Fabrics, that happened to be on sale! It’s thin enough that it’s not so bulky it doesn’t roll up well or feel too thick when on the mat. In fact, it feels perfect. It’s soft, absorbs my sweat, and gives a nice extra bit of cushioning.

Non Slip Yoga Towel



This one ended up being just a little bit shorter than my mat, which turns out to be ok, since I can’t stand in any pose with my legs at either extreme edge of the mat. The next ones I make however will be the length of the mat, and I ended up with twice as much fabric as I needed since I initially overbought just in case. I just did a simple folded edge seam for all the sides. I don’t know what the correct terminology is, since my sewing skills are very basic. I initially wanted to just finish the edges with a zigzag or something similar, like the commercial towels available. However, when I did that, the fabric wouldn’t lay flat, and it wasn’t very clean looking. The folded seam doesn’t add too much height or weight to the sides so it came out nicely.




Now for the main feature of the towel, the non slip dots! I have been a huge fan of E-6000 since I started using it for making jewelry, and knew that it would be perfect for this.  I initially bought it to make semi solid non slip bottoms for the sole of slippers I had been making in the winter. Still have to get around to doing that….Anyway, I practiced on a scrap piece of the terry with different types of dots, small, large, straight lines, wavy lines. The best were smallish medium dots. The larger dots ended up spreading out into an even larger flat circle, and tended to bleed through the fabric. The lines also bled through, and made the whole towel more stiff in the end.    

E-6000 Dots

For the dots, I placed them on the back side in an arrangement somewhat like the blue dots in this image. I actually freehanded it, and didn't measure as I went along, but they were roughly spaced out just like this. (Much like the pattern on the front!).I did this on the whole towel laid down flat in an open area and let it dry overnight. The E-6000 stuff can be kind of finicky when you are making little dots, since it tends to leave a trail from where you place the epoxy and from the tube, so you have to be very steady and work kind of quickly, so it doesn't leave a very long or thick tail.


E-600 Dots finished

I wasn’t able to get a great shot of the finished dots, but I tried to make this darker and added arrows to highlight some of the dots. Hopefully they are visible!


I took my towel out today to yoga practice and it was perfect! The grippy dots adhere just right to the “non slip” rubbery yoga mat surface that makes for a great sweaty-hands solution to yoga!


Embroidered Hunter S. Thompson Quote!

6 Nov

All done!

Buy the Ticket Embroidery

See my previous post on more about this project!

Make a simple and cheap tracing light box!

6 Nov

It doesn’t look like anything special, but it works amzingly well!

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Everyone’s favorite Rectangular State.

4 Nov

The scale may  be off, but the sentiment is dead-on 🙂

Kansas Close Up

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Spongebob Stitchedpants

1 Nov

I made this embroidered Couchsurfing Spongebob for a friend. I really loved making it, and realized how therapeutic embroidery is. It is so relaxing, and I couldn’t stop working on it! Now I just have to finish what I made for my best friend’s birthday and will post about that soon, as soon as she receives it in the mail 🙂

Finished Spongebob

Just as I finished on the plane! The stewardess thought it was cute 🙂

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Fast and Free Craft!

16 Oct

I made a little banner to hang on my wall, which was super quick to make, and virtually cost-free!


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A Crochet Solution to Peeling Headphones

28 Sep

I picked up these headphones from a yard sale, and they work really well, except after a couple weeks I noticed this black crap from the “leather” on the earpieces all over the place. I like to fall asleep with headphones on, and it was all over my bed, the floor, and on me. It was really bad around the earpieces, so I just went at it and peeled it all off.

Peeled Off

Peeled Off

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